Four, hundred year ago, that is the year 1604 A.D Miguel de Cervantes of Spain attained the opportunity of publishing the first part of his legendary work, Don Quixote, a book that attained the tag of the first novel of the world. In the year 1351 (Iranian calender) an Iranian writer, Iraj Pezeshkzad contributed to the market the much controversial work Uncle Napoleon, a work, welcomed by the reading public, which attained further fame when converted into a television serial. The literary type of both works is facetious
and both follow the technique of satire which is subsequeuthy the strength of both works. However, what holds the interest of readers is the affinity between the two works which is apparenthy also the discussion in this paper. Two problematic heroes fall prey to an abstract idealism and simultaneously are in quest of their past which they wish to keep alive. However, their social and historical environnent will not allow them to keep this past alive. Not being able to escape, both eventually drown in unhopefulness and despair.