Friedrich Duerenmatt advocates comedy to show the awful situation of man in the present modem anarchistic world. He means that the soul of
contemporary man is filled with tragedy, but for expressing it, should use comedy, the kind of comedy which is biting and stabbing. In order to achieve this aim, in plays especially "Physicists", Duerrenmatt has introduced comedy-tragedy as the best option. The purpose of writing a

comedy-tragedy play is that the subject of play is comic; though the fate of players is tragic and sad. The genre of Grotesque which appears in the paradoxical manner of the player's characteristics makes the audience to think about his fate wisely. The use of grotesque in "Physicists" reflects the situation of the main actor of the play who is Mobius. Mobius performs paradoxically so that he gains his goals in ways for Humanity. He doesn't refuse any immoral solutions. So, he himself makes his tragic fate. Incidence, in Durrenmatt's opinion, is the result of today's human fate in industrial societies. It is unavoidable and impossible to anticipate.The tragic fate of the main actor of the play "Physicists" is by incidence too and this incidence creates the worst possible condition for the main actor.