Until a few decades ago, even mere speculation about paraliterature was problematic and perhaps not even considered as a norm of literature. From a literary point of view it did not gain any recognition, nor was it a part of the syllabus at universities. But since the year 1969, various sessions and meetings were devoted for it to be considered as a part of the syllabus. These sessions took place in France, and since then has been considered as an important subject to be taught at universities and also recognized as a new social phenomena. However, there are traces that in the 19th century, literary writers were using this phenomena, as reflected in various publications. The line of argument rests upon its basis and formation and related genres which is apparently obscure in most societies. Although it has two independent roots, yet the two are inter - connected, and it is this interconnection which
has been analyzed in this paper, so that its importance in the history of literature can be revealed.